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DJ Professor Bob, Da Spin Doctor

Hawai'i Mobile DJ M.C.               Honolulu, HI

808 271 4493                        [email protected]     

Illumination - Let there


Can you imagine going to a concert or club NOT having exciting lighting and special effects ? We can't either !

(Will you also be renting a fog machine from us? Light is invisible until it reflects or refracts off some object. DJs get around this by using fog or haze machines to get the best lighting effects. Virtually all concerts, even classical music, ballet, and Andy Williams use some fog to make the lighting far more visible, dramatic, and exciting. Just a tiny amount does the trick.)

Let's face it...we can't demo our fabulous state-of-the-art sound for you on a web site. But, we CAN showcase our equally "state-of-the-art" lighting instruments. Here they are...

Let's start off with our smallest lighting rigs...

Our next rig comes with two sets of six spotlights,

with 12 sound activated lights total...

Here is our next bump up...

Our most POPULAR light -



Even more?

Cravin' Disco?

More Disco?

More Lasers, anyone?

and our latest and greatest addition -

Chauvet 400G Follow Spot