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DJ Professor Bob, Da Spin Doctor

Hawai'i Mobile DJ M.C.               Honolulu, HI

808 271 4493                        [email protected]     

Virtually all mobile DJs play the same music. 

So, how do you make the best DJ selection?

If you are price shopping for a DJ, like anything else in life - you get what you pay for. But, you already know that. Most of our events are once-in-a-lifetime celebrations, so you only get one chance to get your DJ selection right.   


Trust -

Would you buy a car over the Internet sight unseen without even meeting the seller? If you are price shopping for a DJ over the Internet, that is exactly what you are doing! ALWAYS ask for an in person meeting with the Disc Jockey who will actually be performing at your event. 


In order to offer cheap prices, some Disc Jockey companies hire inexperienced students at low wages or substitute DJs you have never met at the last moment.

Hawaii DJ Professor Bob Da Spin Doctor KaraokeThe Hawai'i Better Business Bureau lists 42 DJs. We are the first BBB accredited DJ in Hawaii to have an A+ rating. We have never missed a performance, and have no registered complaints since we started in 1993. Unfortunately, we often receive emergency calls at the last moment just before a wedding starts that the cheap DJ who seemed like such a bargain on the Internet didn't even show up.

Does your cheap DJ offer a legal, binding contract to protect you? Or, will they bail out on you at the last moment if they get a higher paying client on your special day?

Do they have insurance?                                Are they using legal music?

Quality -

Think about the last wedding you attended. Do you remember the $8 chair covers ? Do you remember the wedding cake? Do you remember the buffet - chicken, fish, mystery meat? The centerpieces? The drinks? No? But, we'll bet you remember the entertainment, particularly if it was especially good or bad.

Always ask how old the equipment is that will be used at your event. Cheap DJs use cheap, old, or used equipment to offer artificially low prices. We use only the very best, state-of-the-art concert quality systems and lighting. They are expensive, and worth every penny - assuming you care about quality. Since most of what you are paying for is music, shouldn't it sound the best? Each of our lowest cost speakers are $1,000 each. 

Our larger speaker systems cost $2,500 each.

(Click on photos to confirm cost)

Are you hiring a "human jukebox" zombie or an ENTERTAINER? Club DJs usually play music with little or no interaction with the audience, often isolated behind a glass booth. But, Mobile Disc Jockeys are expected to not just play music but to also entertain your guests. The only way to know if your DJ is an entertainer is to meet him or her in person!

Professor Bob, "Da Spin Doctor" & Candy

Mobile Disc Jockey & MC ©®

Da Spin Doc 

specializes in the best adult music mix & entertainment with class.

Da Spin Doctor makes 'house calls!'

Please email [email protected] but

for fastest service call

808 271 4493

for availability (Oahu only)

and for more information...

[email protected]