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DJ Professor Bob, Da Spin Doctor

Hawai'i Mobile DJ M.C.               Honolulu, HI

808 271 4493                        [email protected]     

911 Emergency Rescue DJ

If you are reading this page, you did not hire Da Spin Doctor, and you need help. Call 271-4493 NOW. While you are waiting for me to arrive you can read this...

We truly wish this page was unnecessary. But, experience proves it is. Too many times we have received panic phones calls like this...

"HELP! We have 150 guests waiting and our DJ is not here yet. He never even called to cancel. He just didn't show up! He had such a great web site and his price was so low, so we hired him on the Internet. Can you PLEASE come, NOW?" (tears)

Version #2 - "HELP! We just started our event, and our DJ is ruining it! He is ___________________________________"

(Fill in the blank with "not being allowed into our venue because he doesn't have the required insurance", "getting busted because he is playing pirated bootleg illegal music", "not the DJ we thought we were getting", "stoned out of his mind", "telling dirty jokes", "insulting everyone", "late", "swearing", "flirting with our guests", "playing junk music so no one is dancing", "dirty dancing with our guests", "dressed like a bum", "playing filthy music", "an ego maniac", "embarrassing us", "singing off key", "too loud so everyone is leaving early", "goofy", "too inexperienced", "a zombie", "talking too much", "ignorant of music", "can't speak clearly", etc.)

A few cut rate DJs will simply not show up if they get a higher paying client than you. Sometimes, their car fails. Sometimes, they simply forget. Or, a dozen other issues or excuses that we have heard.

If you need an emergency rescue visit from Da Spin Doctor, we will do our best to help you, provided we are available.

Our minimum fee for any DJ / MC event booked less than five days in advance is $1500.00 for the 1st four hours including travel time to and from Kapolei - CASH ONLY. Cash payment must be made immediately upon our arrival. Additional hours are $200 each.