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DJ Professor Bob, Da Spin Doctor

Hawai'i Mobile DJ M.C.               Honolulu, HI

808 271 4493                        [email protected]     

About Us -

Remember where you were when you last heard...

Our service was started because at weddings and events we noticed that frequently younger DJs play music they like, and far too loud - which sends older guests scurrying outside or they go home early to escape the noise, concussion, and contemporary "music." Few were dancing. It seems the only ones having a good time at parties these days are the D.J. and a few soon-to-be hearing impaired teens. Hey, nothing wrong with that. That's good fun and very popular if you are a teen or a twenty-something...

But...what about the REST of the guests?

We created "Da Spin Doctor" ©® to do just the opposite - and for the rest of us who enjoy the music of our lives!

DJ-ing started on the radio, and Professor Bob can take you "back to the future." We share the best music from NOW plus the 1940's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and TODAY.

Da Spin Doctor plays it the way it was originally performed, and as loudly or as softly as YOU want it - before, during, and after your food & beverage service.  

Delectable and digestible dinner music? Yum, yum!

Dance, dance, dance! Honolulu HI Oahu mobile DJ MC Da Spin Doctor Professor BobDance music? You bet! Rock & Roll? Oh ya, baby!

We do our best to accommodate your requests.

We don't play "dirty" hip hop or "cop killer" rap, and we only "scratch"

when we are itchy!

So, what DO you play?

The very latest LEGAL 'radio edit'

Top 40, Pop, Urban,

Top Country, and

Top Dance Club music, updated every month by 'Prime Cuts' Pro DJ Music Services

Of course, most DJs have the latest tunes.
So, what makes Da Spin Doctor different from the rest?

  • Oldies
  • Rock & Roll
  • Big Band & Swing
  • Hapa Haole
  • Rare "Hawai'i Only" Top 40 Oldies
  • Disco
  • Motown
  • R&B
  • Exactly what your ordered! Honolulu HI Oahu mobile DJ MC Da Spin Doctor Professor Bob
  • Unforgettable Dinner & Night Club Music with class
  • Las Vegas & Paris Lounge
  • Standards
  • Christian
  • All Ballroom Dance standards
  • Smooth Jazz
  • Doo Wop
  • Romance - with a BIG "R"
  • Classic and contemporary Hawai'ian
  • Jawai'ian
  • Classic Reggae & Ska
  • Classic Country & Line Dancing
  • Salsa & Cuban - hot, Hot, HOT !
  • Classical
  • Sing Along Fun - Mitch Miller, Barbershop, Karaoke
  • "The Great American Songbook"

If you want more than music, Professor Bob will make sure that you and your guests are entertained and have fun with M.C. services including announcements, games, and contests.

Dance contests include Jitterbug, Cha Cha, Twist, Chicken Dance, Polka, Line dancing, Macarena, Limbo.

Other fun contest and game stuff - Hula Hoop, Name the Tune, Twister, College of Musical Knowledge Trivia, & lots more memories and fun!

A Personal Message - 

A lot of folks ask why I do this. After all, I have a great career as a college professor. So, why? I think I have an answer, if you will allow me two minutes of your time to explain…

I grew up in a time when popular music came into its own. I was fortunate to live in a time after big bands like Glenn Miller evolved from simply providing dance music to backing up solo singers like Frank Sinatra and Helen O'Connell. Big Bands also featured vocal groups like the Andrews Sisters and the McGuire Sisters. Those four part harmonies evolved into street corner Doo Wop during the 50’s and 60’s. Then, those great harmonies from groups like the Four Preps and Four Freshmen incorporated rock and roll rhythms, which skyrocketed rock, rockabilly, and rhythm & blues performers like Elvis Presley into our pop culture and forever into our lives. Motown capitalized on all that went before and developed something entirely new to share with mainstream America and the world. The Beatles and the Stones arrived, broke all the rules, and borrowed from all of the previous influences, crafting pop music into what we have today.

Like many young folks back when I was a radio DJ, I assumed that because music was popular (unlike ‘classical’ music) that pop music was disposable. It didn’t seem important or necessary to preserve last year’s hits because what was important at the moment was what was new and popular.

But now, looking back I realize that pop music reflected who we were at the time, evolving over time. It made us laugh. It made us cry. Music is a memory marker in time to recall with a smile our first date, our first kiss, our first car, our high school prom, our wedding song, and where and who we were when we heard those wonderful tunes. 

So, the reason I do this is to share with you the music that marked who we were at the time, who we became, and who we are becoming, like mile markers on our personal highway. I play current music so that this generation will have its own memories of this moment. Music triggers memories, some sweet and some bittersweet, that are truly the history of our souls.

I was so wrong back then; Pop music was not disposable, but essential to preserve and to share with those we care about. I do what I do to share the best music of our lives so that we can each personally remember our “best of times.” What could be more important than that?

Our unique personal qualifications:

  • 12 years musical training and performance, 1st chair "Concert Master"
  • Bachelor's degree in Communications
  • Master's degree in Business Administration
  • 7 years of professional theater experience including extensive directing, staging, stage management, sound, and lighting design in more than 2200 live theater performances
  • 23 years of University level teaching experience in lighting, camera, audio, directing, script writing, audio visual engineering, location and studio production
  • 43 years in professional show business including five radio stations and four TV stations
  • A weekly S. California radio audience in excess of 250,000 listeners
  • Over 40+ years in show business, we have NEVER missed a performance!

Call Us: 808 271 4493

or email on the "Contact Us" page...

We DJ and MC for Wedding DJ, wedding reception DJ, class reunion DJ, family reunion DJ, Bat Mitzvah DJ, Bar Mitzvah DJ, Wedding Anniversary DJ, Birthday party DJ, Military Party DJ, Retirement Party DJ, Dinner DJ, Dance DJ, Party DJ, Senior Citizen DJ, Sock Hop DJ, Church Event DJ, Yakudoshi DJ, Kanreki DJ, Baby Luau DJ, Picnic DJ - well, you get the idea.

Music was my first love

And it will be my last

Music of the future

And music of the past

To live without my music

Would be impossible to do

In this world of troubles

My music pulls me through

- John Miles