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DJ Professor Bob, Da Spin Doctor

Hawai'i Mobile DJ M.C.               Honolulu, HI

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5 Biggest DJ Mistakes

Hawaii Brides Make -

1. Asking friends for recommendations. What may have been the right DJ Company for your friend’s wedding may not be the right fit for you and your guests. Each Bride and Groom, their guests, and their event are unique. So is each DJ. Even DJs from the same company are very different, and there is usually no guarantee that you will get the same DJ as your friend, even if you hire the same DJ company.  

2. Hiring a DJ over the Internet. Would you invite a complete stranger to your wedding? Then, why invite a DJ whom you have never met? All DJs are NOT equal. There are no DJ licenses or certifications, so anyone can call themselves a DJ. Unfortunately, many amateurs do. Reviews can be faked, and most have five stars which tells you nothing – “When everyone is special, then no one is.” If you simply do a Google search, then pick the cheapest DJ on line, you will probably get what you paid for. Good entertainment is never cheap, and cheap entertainment is never good. Like all your other wedding vendors, take the time to meet your DJ in person (not a salesperson who won’t even be at your event.) 

3. Purchasing a “special price package”over the Internet. Unless you want a “cookie cutter” wedding just like everyone else’s, why pay for pre-set computer check list packaged items you may not want at the expense of options you do want or actually need? Beware of “free” options you didn’t request, offered only to entice you to make a deal immediately. Deal with a DJ in person who can answer your questions, offer customized options you want, recommend items that you truly need, and at a price just for you.  

4. Hiring the DJ or entertainer last. Often, Hawaii couples will select all other vendors early, and then hire the DJ later with whatever budget is left over. Your wedding reception will probably span three to four hours. Thus, the DJ will be totally responsible for 90% of your reception. You and your guests will have to live with your DJ decision for the entire span of your reception. If your DJ is great, you win! But, what if the DJ is not great? Will your guests remember the chair covers? The favors? The cake? The food? But, every guest will remember the four hours of entertainment – good or bad – FOREVER.

5. Not capitalizing on the DJ’s vast experiences. Most folks get married once, maybe twice, providing the Bride and Groom only limited experience with planning, agendas, selecting and hiring vendors, venues, timing, lighting, sound design, and what is needed or not needed for a successful event. But, experienced pro DJs have performed at hundreds of weddings and many other events at the most popular Oahu venues. Savvy couples recognize that they can profit from all the DJ’s “good, bad, and ugly” experiences and advice if they consult early on with an experienced, pro DJ. Want to know which Waikiki hotel has the best (or worst) parking, or the best (or worst) reception food for the price? Who has the best customer service? Just ask me. Been there, done that! We can help!